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Markkinointi Suomela as a company

Markkinointi Suomela was founded in 1981. Our staff includes professionals specialized in toys - toys are a passion for our whole staff. Our head office and logistics center are located in Turku.  Markkinointi Suomela logisctics center and 500m² showroom are located next to the Skanssi shopping center.

Markkinointi Suomela's history goes back about 40 years in toy business. The company was founded in 1981 by Risto and Anna-Maria Suomela. Today the company is managed by second generation: Tuija Saarela and Eija Suomela. The new management has lead the company for the past 10 years.suomelan_toimisto.jpg

Markkinointi Suomela's customers are main chains (key accounts) and independent shops around the country. Products represented by Markkinointi Suomela can be found from well-supplied Finnish independent toy shops, retail shop chains, department stores etc.

Markkinointi Suomela represent many appreciated toy manufacturers and brands including: Jakks Pacific, Silverlit, Jumbo, Little Dutch, Disney, Nintendo,  Plasto, Trudi, Sevi, Great Pretenders, Famosa, Feuchmann, Cobi, Tiamo Collection, Miffy, etc. Well-known, strong and safe brands are the core of our business.

Sale area covers the entire Finland. Our sales reps visit customers in person - even in the northest parts of Finland.

Markkinointi Suomela wants to offer customers a wide range of high quality and safe items in all categories. 

Contact details

Markkinointi Suomela Oy
Taalintehtaankatu 2
20750 Turku

Tel. +358 2 2766 900

E-mail: info@markkinointisuomela.fi