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Markkinointi Suomela as a company

Markkinointi Suomela was founded in 1981. Our staff includes professionals specialized in toys - toys are a passion for our whole staff.Our head office and logistics center are located in Turku in our own premises. Markkinointi Suomela is located next to the Skanssi shopping center.

Markkinointi Suomela's history goes back about 30 years in toy business. The company was founded in 1981 by Risto and Anna-Maria Suomela.Today the company is managed by second generation: Tuija Saarela and Eija Suomela. The new management has lead the company for the past 10 years.suomelan_toimisto.jpg

Markkinointi Suomela Oy is a family-owned company and well-known for our prompt deliveries, flexibility and financial solidity.

Markkinointi SUomela's customers are main chains (key accounts) and independent shops around the country. Products represented by Markkinointi Suomela can be found from well-supplied Finnish independent toy shops, retail shop chains, department stores etc.

Markkinointi Suomela Oy holds a presale show twice a year where all novelties and product ranges are presented. Customers visit the show twice a year and make their pre-orders for the next season.Company has a 500m² showroom.

Markkinointi Suomela represent many appreciated toy manufacturers and brands including: Silverlit, Jumbo, Little Dutch, Disney, Nintendo, Bontempi, Plasto, Trudi, Sevi, SES, Feuchmann, Cobi, Tiamo Collection etc. Well-known, strong and safe brands are the core of our business.

Sale area covers the entire Finland. Our sales reps visit customers in person - even in the northest parts of Finland.

Markkinointi Suomela wants to offer customers a wide range of high quality and safe items in all categories. Company’s credit rating is AAA class.

Contact details

Markkinointi Suomela Oy
Taalintehtaankatu 2
20750 Turku

Tel. +358 2 2766 900

E-mail: info@markkinointisuomela.fi